Agnes Toth is a contemporary painter and the founder of the Studio, she brings the world of colours and painting closer to everyday life. At the end of 2017 she established the ‘Agnes Toth Studio’ in her artist workshop that previously had been solely a painter’s creative space throughout the years. She has created a beautiful blend of fine art and fashion while also holding the intension to preserve the quiet studio atmosphere.

In the characteristic style of her paintings she established a ‘Slow’ Shop-Studio, where our focus is to create ethical and beautiful products, and make a human and artistic approach in terms of shopping experience and provide an insight into our creative work at the Studio.

Now, alongside the artist’s easels the new designs have completed the space, bringing to fulfilment  our intentions, endeavours and need for beauty. In addition to aesthetics we have maintained high artistic quality and the joy of creation in the making of our products, while striving simultaneously for functionality and quality.
The creative work of the Agnes Toth Studio is characterized by harmony, richness of detail, respect of values, high standards and the love of art. Those who wear our pieces, our custom-designed handbags and various fashion accessories will get to know our designs as a true work of art.

The Studio is located in the heart of Budapest on the banks of the river Danube at the Buda side of the city on Lánchíd Street near the Buda Castle and the Chain Bridge. This is one of the most beautiful parts of our city and it is a great pleasure to do our creative work in such a splendid environment.
All the design work takes place in-house at the Studio, our patterns are exclusively created by hand.
Besides painting, we also apply the craft of hand-embroidery, graphics, ink and pencil drawing and various custom designed photo-collages. We use these patterns as a source to produce our printed products in the highest quality possible with modern printing technologies.

Beyond the importance of the method of design we put similar emphasis in the method of the making, whilst taking into account the environment and the conscious sourcing of raw materials. We take part in every aspect of the design and manufacturing process, from designing the pattern, finding and testing the raw materials and choosing the right colours, threads and other accessories. All our products are manufactured in Hungary from locally sourced materials in limited editions.

For us every single piece, accessory and handbag is a work of art. We believe that quality and beauty are not merely external attributes but more importantly a vital profound opportunity to inspire personal development and enhance deeper understanding for the expansion of human potential.

Our aim with the decorative pieces we design in the Studio is to create long lasting, joyful, exclusive and unique products with a fresh approach. All our design pieces carry our manufacturing ethos to always consider our environment and make sustainable pieces where nature is always at the forefront of our mind.




Lánchíd street 13.
1013 Budapest


WED-SUN 10am-5pm


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