“Understanding the world through painting is like sitting quietly in the garden watching a bee fly from flower to flower, while perceiving the light that shines on it and the rays of sunshine through its petals. In today’s world, this silence is especially important to me, observing the details is present in all my work. “

Agnes Toth is a professional painter and the founder of the Studio, she was born in Győr, Hungary on 19 December 1981. Her works are characterized by detailed meticulousness that blends into a conscious fragmented world of compositional imagery. This particular incomplete-like way of depicting is the feature of her signature style. The oil paintings are painted in soft tones, making the artist’s palette quite light, powder-like, and giving an almost weightless illusion of the paintings.

        The real change in the artist’s work came from the years spent in Cornwall. Her studies at the Falmouth University in the Southwest of Britain were defining and formative years. The infinity of the sea, the isolation in the rural countryside, the little community life, the local shops, the fishermen, the farms, and the     boatbuilders meant life in close relation to nature.
      But beyond that it was the local gardens and the lush vegetation which in   every respect was a Paradise on Earth. Full coexistence with Nature which brought different aspects of importance to the Artist’s viewpoint.

After graduating from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2005, she was admitted to the Falmouth University, MA in Fine Art Contemporary Practice course in 2008, where she successfully completed a Masters Degree in 2010. These years were followed by an intense professional period of exhibitions, numerous prestigious awards and professional recognition which meant frequent commuting between Budapest and London.

She participated in the BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery in London in 2013 as a juried exhibitor and was invited to attend the Benetton Foundation Exhibition in Venice. Among many other exhibitions are the 158th Autumn Exhibition at the Royal West Academy in Bristol, the London Art Fair, the Essl Award at the Klosterneuburg Museum of the Essl Collection, the Sfeir-Semler Gallery in Beirut, the Zabludowicz Collection in London, New York Design Week, Florence Biennale in Florence and other exhibitions that were professional successes.

The idea of Agnes Toth Studio began to emerge around 2013 with the aim of creating an enterprise built on core values and principles that combines art with tradition, folklore and at the same presents a fresh perspective of modernity. The studio-business also meant freedom and independence, but most of all it opened up the possibility of new dimensions of creative life, and in the process of transforming the studio it showed how versatile and liberating it can be to think outside the box and find endless possibilities. This was not the beginning or the end of something but a new exciting chapter…

The Studio has evolved from an artistic background which is visible in the formulation of our unique designs. Our goal is to give our products a very special feel by using our own hand crafted patterns. Hand embroidery, floral patterns and collage-like compositions are typical of the decorative world of Agnes Toth Studio along with the versatile use of fine art and painting. Each of our designs is the work of the artist Agnes Toth and a result of a slow, time consuming process which is done with careful attention to details beginning with the process of drawing to painting and embroidery.

In mid-2018, the following year after the opening of the Agnes Toth Studio in 2017, we were invited to submit a proposal for the ‘Parisi Udvar’ Hyatt Hotel. It was a task beyond imagination and it has expanded the dimensions of our artistic vision to a different level. The assignment for the Paris Udvar Hotel was to create unique ‘painting plan’ compositions. A total of 110 rooms are decorated with works from our artist, 2-3 pictures per room. 22 designs were made and paired in 110 variations to make each room fitted with various pairs of curated compositions.

The Parisi Udvar Hotel is the 5-star member of The Unbound Collection by the Hyatt Hotel a unique historical building decorated entirely with Zsolnay porcelain is to reopened in its original splendour 100 years later and is more than likely a true masterpiece in the world.

The renewal and unexpected aesthetic influences, conscious concepts or professional challenges in painting is what motivate the artist. Agnes Toth is a painter of linear development, finding the language and the way of expression that is most characteristic to her has made it possible to achieve spiritual, intellectual and professional development without technical limitations.

” I desire to know the future, I respect the past, the legacy of the ancestors, I love the present. Painting is a Gift from God, beauty and aesthetics are much deeper than the world imagines today. “




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