As a Painter, our eyes always absorb the details, and develops the soul and personality from an essence of the surrounding fragments of the visual world. Throughout my entire life, I have loved observing the beautiful details, getting to know a making process or a technique and admiring nature, slowing down through art and being immersed in creative work.

Appreciating and understanding aesthetics is a way to learn and a great educator; this is how I got to know various art techniques and different forms of creative processes. Probably the most important thing that I gained was understanding the real value of things, diligence, precision, to live in this world with attention and carefulness.
Observing nature teaches an artist to admire it. This admiration of nature is what I would like to represent in the Marvelosa Collection.

By establishing the Agnes Toth Studio, we have brought together the things that we love and the things that matter to us most. Our desire is to show our love and passion for Nature by portraying plants and flowers, and introduce art with a modern approach.
We are inspired to create compositions that symbolize an impression, a season, an attachment to a particular place or memory to revive the floral pattern traditions of Hungarian Embroidery.

Since my childhood, gardening and caring for plants have been an integral part of everyday life. I learnt the names of plants and flowers like others learn the alphabet. This nature-proximity then grew stronger as I moved to Cornwall, and there the importance of nature really became vital.
And thus, all my thoughts and attitude in relation to the world has changed.

When I began the idea of establishing the Agnes Toth Studio at the end of 2014, I started to build the business with the exact attitude that I internalized in Cornwall and became my very own mindset. I was purposely looking for local makers, local raw materials, and craftsmen who also represent the quality that I strive for.

With the ethics of the Agnes Toth Studio product design, I wanted to take an environmentally conscious direction, which is mainly realized using locally sourced materials, accessories and fabrics and have our products made in Hungary by local manufacturers. Our aim with the involvement of art and designing unique patterns is to create an aesthetic value which is a source to build on and gain knowledge from.

It is important for us to take part and follow the entire production process, from the design stage through the first drawing to the manufacturing of the final product. We strive to produce the desired pieces in the best quality, and our personal relationship is important to us with those who contribute and participate in the realization of the Agnes Toth Studio products.

Every piece that is designed in the Studio is created with the same care and attention as if it was an artwork originally made on one of our studio easels. We make our products in limited editions and in small quantities, taking care to preserve the uniqueness and quality of our products.

Handmade creative work and pencil drawings are the starting point for our designs, from a sketch and a floral drawing we develop a hand embroidery, and this fragment of embroidery is used as the basis of our designs. The completed colourful floral embroidery motifs are then transformed into a continuous pattern with some digital magic.
The whole design process is a combination of several techniques and knowledge of professional skills. We strive to evolve and explore new technical possibilities in order to stay up-to-date, fresh and always innovative.

Painting is an important part of the Studio, we approach every detail of our work from this painter’s point of view. We attach equal importance to our colours and the interplay of colours, the composition of the patterns and the shape of our carefully designed handbags. The harmony of colours, the design of the space and all the details are selected according to two important criteria which are an aesthetical harmony and attention to create environmentally conscious products. Depending on this, we know what we keep and what we don’t.

Our ‘painting patterns’ are based on the original paintings by Agnes Toth, the compositions are created by the artist from several of her paintings in a free visual collage-like way and are then used as the patterns of the handbag designs.
Contradictions and discrepancies our not unusual within our patterns, they are often inspired by our intuitions and moods, at times there is a contrast between floral and pictorial designs. But we like to keep the possibility to have freedom when creating our ideas and designs, it allows us to have unusual or unexpected ideas. This is good for us because we love to renew ourselves or stay open to new inspirations.




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