Marvelosa is a true ‘Le Bonheur de vivre’, the enjoyment of life. It is like a perfume whose fragrance is retained by our nose and at times the scent comes to our mind because it brings back something pleasant, something nostalgic, but in the proportion that is still fresh and light to fulfil the idealism its creators have dreamed of.

Marvelosa is in the midst of naturalness, in liberating laughter, or in a gentle smile, a light cheer, a happy peaceful time in the golden hour and in a loving first kiss. The “encyclopedia” of the finest moments that makes us happy in life.

The name ‘Marvelosa’ is the result of a simple game, we picked out our favourite letters from the alphabet and started randomly shuffling them. So we found the one word that was exactly what we were looking for. Feminine, expressive, as if it were the name of a flower.

This story begins in 2000 in Budapest. An architect Mother, known to everyone today as ‘Aunt Ági’ and her artist daughter Agnes Toth, the two firmly believe that there are no limits and that love, faith, professional knowledge, perseverance and quality work are a good starting point for life. During our daily commute to North-South Buda we fell in love with Lanchid Street and got here after many years of wishing that one day “we could fix The Royal Palace Gardens to its original state.” Well, we became neighbours in the house number 13. and a few years later, after a quiet, ruined period the street began to fill with life. And we were here at the beginning, and in 2008 we opened the little utopian gem that everyone knows today as Marvelosa Cafe; and to this day it still retains the peaceful and joyful times of serenity.

Being the founders of Marvelosa and creative people, several events and experiences lead up to the birth of the ‘brand’ which was purely motivated by joy. It is exactly how the Marvelosa Collection was born, from a blend of experiences that leave their mark.
A cinema ticket that we kept for years as a bookmark, because it showed Monet’s Garden in Giverny in such a way that it filled our soul; or an unplanned journey to Metz where finally there was heating in the hotel overlooking the Cathedral after a long cold road. The love of the small and simple moments in life that makes one really feel alive.

Those unwitting journeys are unmissable from the list, that lead from Cortona to Assisi, because one suddenly feels she has to go; and to be amongst the scented May roses in the garden of Musée Rodin in Paris, to imagine the time of great artists in the garden of the Montmartre Museum, and at other times contemplating on the slopes of the Chatsworth estate, where hungry deers straighten the foliage of the oak trees, or getting lost in the labyrinth of Glendurgan Garden on the east coast of Cornwall. And finally, say goodbye to a perfect day on the hill-side of the mountains surrounding Florence, watching the sun set from under the shade of the orange trees over the city and see it dress the Dome in velvet gold and the colour of marigold flower.

The gardens are always our companions on our journeys, in my childhood we spent summers in the vineyards and in between the tomato bushes, we were watching the birds and knew the names of all the plants and flowers, we have followed how nature is evolving month after month, season after season. There is no taste comparable to the savour of the freshly picked sun-warm tomato and with the cricket chirping in the background.

Perhaps it is not a coincidence where one’s heart is gravitating to,.. and it is a delight to think that this love of plants and nature is expressed in the Marvelosa Collection, and thus it carries our natural desire to live life in harmony with our environment.




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