We make our designs and patterns with high artistic expectations at the Agnes Toth Studio in Budapest. All of the designs we create from drawings to embroidery are exclusively handmade.
Our unique and exquisite patterns are created by Agnes Toth, who began to do embroidery and pattern design beside her professional practice as a painter.
The inspiration for our designs primarily come from art and nature, the Agnes Toth Studio creates collections under the ‘agnestoth’ and ‘MARVELOSA’ Brands’ logo.


The “Painting” designs are an exclusive special edition of the Agnes Toth Studio. Compositions are based on details of the artist’s paintings, each collage consists of several paintings, in a unique fragmented style typical of Agnes Toth’s work.

The original paintings are painted with oil on gesso primed canvas, the paintings are a result of a time consuming process of months or even years of work. The detailed paintings are digitalized in a new compositional layout, and these fragmented details assembled from various paintings by Agnes give the main line of the ‘Painting Collection’.

This is the only collection at The Studio that has the artist signature logo on our products, made especially in 1/1 limited edition. In the series of the brand ‘agnestoth’ we exclusively apply pieces of the painter’s work to create the designs for the final products.


Agnes Toth chose painting as her primary vocation after graduating from the Textile College of Fine and Applied Arts. In her paintings it is always noticeable how much emphasis she puts in the depiction of various textiles and textures. A picturesque and realistic visualization of tulle, silk, translucent fabrics and glossy surfaces. In the thirteenth year of her painting career she returned with admiration to pattern design, in her ‘Embroidery & Floral Collection’ Agnes blended her love of gardening and her passion for botanical art.

The ‘Embroidery Collection’ designs are all based on in-house hand stitched embroideries. The embroidery pattern always begins with a drawing and we develop it further in the process of the design to the final product. We source our ideas for patterns from the flora and fauna, inspired by flowers, plants, berries, fruits or wildlife found in Nature. One of the important aspect of our designs is that the pattern can be transformed into a continuous pattern and be multiplied to all directions. During the time-consuming, meticulous process of making we use the embroidery thread to shape the forms and colours, after the embroidery is completed, it is then further developed after digital processing into a final print-ready state. And we enjoy creating all-over floral designs on our various products, handbags and accessories.


In the Parisi Udvar collection we used a new technique, the pattern was designed into the layout of the shapes for an accurate cut pattern. This way we had a greater control over the final pieces we designed. The details to compose the collages were drawn from the architectural Zsolnay ceramics of the Parisi Udvar – Hyatt Hotel, and the Zsolnay Porcelain Manufactory’s decorative work. The theme is the combination of a historic building and hungarian historic porcelain in a new aesthetic form.


We are often inspired by the past, it was my great grandmother who I saw doing embroidery first, as she pulled the threads with skilful repetition of stitches through the patterned fabric and tablecloth. Many years later when I started embroidery, I discovered her many beautiful embroideries that were hidden in the depth of our wardrobes. The cross-stitch collection is a special segment of our work in the Studio where I used the embroidery patterns from my great grandmother to create our collection. Using several of her cross-stitches to assemble the final designs directly onto the layout in order to create these exclusive pieces was a real pleasure.

This pattern from my great grandma that we used for the handbags and the accessories was a real heritage from my ancestors on my mother’s side. I left the texture visible of the fabric behind the embroidered pattern, which is a woven linen fabric that my great-grandparents had planted from the seed and grew the crop, processed the plant which then they made into a hand woven fabric. For me this canvas is a link between them and painting, it is the same base of woven canvas for both occupations painting and embroidery.




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